Annual Jockey Physical Examinations

The Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission requires all licensed jockeys, and all individuals who are applying for a jockey license for the first time, to pass an annual physical medical examination and provide proof in the form of a health provider signed Jockey Physical Card or Physical Examination Form. The Commission recognizes current jockey physical examinations from other racing jurisdictions. If a jockey has passed a physical examination from another racing jurisdiction, he/she must present a “current” Jockey Physical Card upon applying for a Delaware license. For a Jockey Physical Card to be considered “current”, it must have been issued during the current calendar year.

A current Jockey Physical Card must be provided annually, either at the time of licensing, and/or to the Clerk of the Scale.


All costs incurred in obtaining a physical are the responsibility of the jockey.

A jockey may use his/her personal physician or any health provider of their choice.

Race riding is an activity that requires each and every jockey to exercise physical skill and judgment of an extreme high order. Any failure in a jockey’s physical or mental performance may not only put his/her life in danger but also puts others at risk of injury, permanent disability or death. Due to this risk, the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission requires that all Delaware licensed jockeys annually provide appropriate medical evidence of his/her ‘fitness to ride’.

The final decision to grant or refuse a license rests solely with the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission and such decisions are subject to a medical review procedure where appropriate.

Existing Delaware licensed jockeys, who during the period of their licensure suffer a significant injury or significant illness that could in any manner affect their fitness to ride, must inform the Delaware Racing Commission at the earliest opportunity. This encompases any significant illness or injury, regardless of whether on not it resulted from a racing incident.

The Stewards at Delaware Park require all jockeys who take off a mount due to an injury or illness to provide appropriate medical evidence of his/her ‘fitness to ride’ in the method of a doctor signed return-to-work note.

For available local clinics that perform Physical Examinations, and provide return-to-work notes, See: Local Walk-in Medical Clinics

Delaware Jockey Physical Form

Jockey Physical Card – Multiple

Jockey Physical Card – Single