Off-Track Programs

The Delaware Jockeys’ Health & Welfare Benefit ‘Fund’ provides an outstanding ‘Off Track’ health and welfare benefit program for active and retired jockeys, and their dependents. Click for more information on:

Free Counseling for all licensed Delaware jockeys and their dependents

Information for Low-Income Community Health Centers

Jockey Nutritional Information and Seminar

Benefit Yellow Pages – Complete contact and Insurance Policies Information

The off-track health insurance program offers a full range of benefits – medical, prescription, dental, vision, life, accidental death, and disability. Please read the benefit summary pages for descriptions of the available benefits.

We offer three different health plans to choose from: a zero deductible plan and two high deductible plans. We allow members to pick and choose the benefit package that serves their specific needs best. You may also enroll for dental benefits only.

Please take the time to thoroughly read the benefit summaries and review the monthly premiums to determine the coverage and plans that fit your specific needs. If you have any questions concerning coverage, rates, deductibles, or any other questions, please call. We are here to serve your health and welfare needs!


Our personal health benefit program is excellent and eligibility is currently the lowest in the United States, with eligibility beginning at 50 mounts per year.

If you ride at least 50 mounts but less than 100 during a Delaware Park racing season, and your total mounts at other tracks during the same Delaware Park season is equal to or less than your Delaware Park mounts, you are eligible.

If you ride 100 or more mounts during a Delaware Park season, you are permitted to ride an unlimited number of “out-of-town” mounts and still remain eligible.

To qualify as a retired Delaware jockey, you must have ridden a minimum of 100 mounts annually at Delaware Park for at least seven years. The seven qualifying years do not have to be consecutive for eligibility.

If you become permanently and totally disabled as the result of an on-track accident at Delaware Park, and you are participating in the benefit program at the time of the injury, benefits corresponding to your individual plan will be available for your dependents.

Please read Regulations 2.0 Eligibility Criteria for Health Coverage for complete details.