Enrollment Checklist, Forms & Instructions

The health benefits for Delaware Jockeys Health and Welfare Fund are provided through the California Jockeys’ Welfare Corporation.  In addition to California and Delaware jockeys, the CJWC provides health benefits for New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), and Presque Isle (PID) jockey groups.

All benefits are provided through Aetna for all of the jockey groups, with the exception of dental, vision and life for Delaware. There are a total of four health plans, with Plan 4 a HMO plan for California jockeys only.  Each jockey group decides which plan(s) they offer according to their needs and funding.

Enrollment Forms

Aetna Enrollment / Change Form

Guardian Enrollment / Change Form

Automatic Payment Authorization / Change Form

Delaware Member Monthly Premiums

Enrollment Instructions

  • Read Disclaimers
  • Read Enrollment Packet or this website
  • Check and Meet Eligibility Requirements
  • Complete, Date, & Sign Aetna Enrollment Form if selecting health coverage
  • Complete, Date, & Sign Guardian Enrollment Form for all other benefits
  • Complete Section 6 and Beneficiary Designation Only
  • Review Paying for your Benefits to determine what amount & how you will pay
  • Complete, Date, & Sign Automatic Payment Authorization Form if choosing this method and attach a voided check to form
  • Signed check or money order for the appropriate amount payable to: Bolton & Company
  • Deliver the completed forms and check to Robert Colton, or
  • Mail the completed forms and check to:

Alma Saenz – habla español
(925) 660-3525
Fax (925) 416-7869
Account Manager, Claims Liaison
IOA Insurance Services
3875 Hopyard Road, Suite 240, Pleasanton, CA 94588

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Robert Colton
Delaware Jockeys’ Association