Delaware Jockeys Health & Welfare Benefit Board Regulations

1.0 Introduction

1.1 These regulations are authorized pursuant to 3 Del.C. §10171 and 29 Del.C. §4815(b)(3)c which established a Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Board (hereinafter “the Board”) and Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Fund (hereinafter “the Fund”).

1.2 The Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Board shall consist of 1 member of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission, 1 member from the licensed agent under Chapter 1010 of Title 3 or Chapter 4 of Title 28, 1 member of the Delaware Horsemen’s Association, 1 representative from the organization that represents the majority of the jockeys who are licensed and ride regularly in Delaware, 1 jockey who is  licensed and rides regularly in Delaware, and 1 retired Delaware jockey who is participating in the benefit program. The Chairman of the Thoroughbred Racing Commission shall serve as an ex officio member, and vote on matters in the event of a tie vote on any issue. All members shall be appointed by the Thoroughbred Racing Commission, and shall serve a two year term.

1.3 The Board shall elect a Chairperson from among the appointed members of the Board. The Chairperson shall serve a two year term and may serve consecutive terms. The Chairperson shall be the presiding officer at all meetings of the Board.

1.4 The Board shall administer the Fund pursuant to these regulations and other reasonable criteria for benefit eligibility.

1.5 A special fund of the State has been established and will be known as the “Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Fund.” The Fund shall consist of the proceeds transferred from the licensed video lottery agent and the purse account pursuant to 29 Del.C. §4815(b)(3)c. The proceeds transferred to the Fund will be maintained in an account established in the Department of Agriculture.

1.6 The Fund will be invested by the State Treasurer consistent with the investment policies established by the Cash Management Policy Board. All income earned by the Fund will be reinvested in the Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Fund.

1.7 The Board shall use the Fund to provide for jockeys who regularly ride in Delaware and health benefits for active, disabled and retired jockeys. The Board may also expend usual and customary expenses for administrative purposes from the Fund.

1.8 The Thoroughbred Racing Commission’s Administrator of Racing will provide administrative support to the Board and keep minutes of all the meetings of the Board and preserve all records of the Board. The Board’s Office will be considered as part of the Office of the Thoroughbred Racing Commission.

1.9 The Board can propose to amend these regulations by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Board.

Statutory Authority: 3 Delaware Code, Section 10005; 29 Delaware Code Section 4815(b)(3)c

(3 Del.C. §10005; 29 Del.C. §4815(b)(3)c) 3 DE Admin. Code 1002