New Safety Helmet and Vest Rule for Delaware

A new Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission rule for safety helmet and vest will be effective starting in 2016. All safety helmets and vests worn must now be manufactured to an approved published standard.

The new rule is:

8.0 Jockeys and Apprentice Jockeys.

8.15 Safety Helmets and Safety Vests.

Every individual shall, when mounted on a horse while on the premise of a racetrack or handling a horse at the starting gate, wear a properly secured safety helmet and safety vest. The helmet and vest shall meet or exceed with one or more Commission approved safety standards or later revisions. All safety helmets and safety vests shall be permanently labeled with the identification of the manufacturer, including name and address of the manufacturer, or if a private labeler is on the label, the name and address of the private labeler (an Internet or website address shall not be considered an acceptable address), month and year of manufacture, model designation, and safety standard(s) meeting or exceeding. A safety helmet or a safety vest shall not be altered in any manner nor shall the Product Marking be removed or defaced. A safety vest shall not be attached to the horse or to any equipment carried by the horse. A safety helmet or safety vest shall not have any camera or other device affixed to the safety equipment unless the device is designed for the helmet and vest, and meets or exceeds a safety standard. The Stewards may at any time take possession of a safety helmet or safety vest for inspection and may at their discretion confiscate any safety helmet or safety vest that does not comply with these rules.

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